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Treasure in Scarborough Shoal Island - Philippines

Scarborough Shoal is a treasured island. It is located on the west coast part of Philippines particularly in Luzon. It is said to be rich in natural resources and minerals. An island like this is full of treasure given by our mother nature. From water to land, we can say that it is truly a paradise. Everything in this island is considered a gift from God, enough to make greedy country to conquer and take it away from being a property of Philippines.

This island is one of the 7000+ island in Philippines. Considering the land area, it only measures 150 square kilometers, too little island yet China still wants to claim it as their land even though maps around the world clearly shows that it is still inside the Philippine area of responsibility. Besides, this island is nearer to Philippines than China.

Here is an actual image from Google Map showing the actual location of Scarborough Shoal Island.

Treasure in Scarborough Shoal - Philippines
Scarborough Shoal Island Google Map Location
The red marking with letter "A" is where Scarborough Shoal Island located. As you can see, it is also near from China but only with "South China Sea". Additional to that, while looking at the map, you will see that the island is near to Philippine land compare to its distance from China land. It clearly shows that Philippines is more responsible in taking care of this island than any other country.

So why does China still claim it as their land despite of the fact that it is still enclosed to Philippine Area of Responsibility? the answer is, because of its treasure, the treasure I mean is its natural resources that can feed billion people in China.
Here are the treasure of Scarborough Island
1. Natural Resources like fishes and corals etc.
2. Natural Gas 
3. Minerals
4. Huge Oil Deposit in Scarborough Shoal Island 
I highlight the last thing because it is obviously the main reason why the little island of Scarborough Shoal is being claim by China as their island.

When does China starts to claim it?
In china, Scarborough Shoal Island has different name. China name it Huangyan Island. They start claiming it since 1997. (source: wikipedia)

What are the steps done by Philippines to protect this island?
Philippines Government do nothing so far, they are more concern to their people than anything else. They love their citizen. In fact, they advice their fisherman to keep away from fishing near on that island because China is patrolling pretending that it is their land. They give this advice to protect fisherman from the eye of Chinese navy who can do everything just to keep them away, worst thing that they can do is to kill them.
Despite of the bullying done by Chinese, Philippine still wants to stop the problem in a silent way, since China is more powerful than them. Philippines is a poor country, they don't have enough weapon to protect their nation. They only have courage, they can fight but they are not sure to win.
China has Nuclear Bomb, while Philippines don't have any. But since Filipinos are religious people, I don't think that they must be afraid. If China says "we have nuclear bomb, you must be afraid" Philippines will just prepare their words and say " Hey, China we are not afraid, we don't have bomb but at least we have God to protect us".
If another war happens, we will fight, with our rosary we will make you stop, with our prayer we will make you kneel, with our God, our country will WIN!!!
To other: will you help Filipinos in praying? 
To Filipinos: will you fight if the possibility of war occurs, or you will just stay in your house while watching the Nuclear Bomb falling from the sky? please comment it.

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