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Top 5 Weird Nature Photography

This are the top 5 weird pictures of nature that truly amaze me and attracts my attention. Some of them might be Photoshopped but wait they are truly exiting in this planet. Review them and you will be amazed too.

If tomorrow is my honeymoon, I'll surely decide now and book to this resort to be our honeymoon destination. It is really perfect for that situation because it is far from noises and the room are separated from each other.

I think the owner of this house hates to have a noisy neighbor that's why he just chooses to buy his private island and build his lonely yet expensive house.

It looks like the aerial view of the first photograph but this is more weird and unique.

Don't be confuse of what is the white object at the middle of this island, it just a house owned by a person who has  the same situation like the house owner on our 2nd photograph. I wonder how he can ask for help if alien attack his house and makes it as their headquarter.


Scary and weird isn't it? Be careful if you want to dive here because there is a possibility that this hole might eat you.

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