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Glass "funny" Toilet - so much win

This Glass Toilet is the weirdest toilet I've ever seen. It is funny to see someone's reaction after entering here. The fact that you are visible from the outside while peeing of pooping will totally blow your mind, but no, you are not really visible from the outside because this Glass Toilet is made up of one-way mirror.

You are now totally aware that aside from being a travel blog, this site also contains weird things around the world. Just like this toilet, there is also a Glass house that can break your privacy when you are in the inside, the only difference with this toilet is, you still have your privacy but within your eye, it is already broken. This very unique toilet was firstly seen in Houston, Texas. If you are new here, you will be tempted to try this just like the woman in the picture who are not yet aware of the Gag that are about to happen.

Glass Toilet
Glass Toilet
 From the outside, you cannot see if there is someone inside the toilet, but if you are IN already, you can are now allowed to show your a*s to any people passing by outside that toilet.

Glass toilet view from the inside
Oh Men please don't do that, I'm still pooping
 Yeah you are not yet safe from someone who are about to break that without your permission

In 2003, this glass toilet was shown as an exhibit at the construction site across the Tate Britain Museum in London. The title of it was "Don't miss a sec" and it was created by an artist named Monica Bonvicini.

Not only that, in fact, in 2004 Bonvicini 's toilet was also displayed in Messeplatz in Basel, Switzerland.

That was truly a work of art that must be shown at every part of the world. Here is the actual message in an interview with Monica Bonvicini, she explains here her motivation to create this artwork.
The idea for Don’t Miss a Sec.’ came in 1999. I made the drawings for it on an airplane. It relates to the urge, during big art events where so much is about “see and be seen,” to not miss anything. At any big art event, everyone needs a bathroom at some point. If you use the work for it, you are still able to see the next art work, who is passing by, who is talking with whom, and who is wearing what. At the same time, you can literally show your ass to them.
She just show to us that art can still be seen anywhere. And by this, she also inspires me not to miss any second of my life to share and spread this art throughout my interested reader.

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