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Extraordinary Glass House

Yes this is an extraordinary Glass House, from roof - down to its foundation, this house is only made out of a real glass. Sounds weird but this house is really existing. If you look it from a far, this glass house looks like an invisible object placed inside the forest. The owner of the house thinks that being unique will put you in popularity, and he right. After the house has been introduced to the viewer, many bloggers shows their interest to publish its story in the internet. It is impossible at first to design this house since glass is a delicate material that is easy to get broken. But because of determination and inspiration, this house was finally came into reality. This was just a dream before, now the owner says "wow I am now living with my dream".

Glass house
Glass House
Looks beautiful, the only problem with this glass house is Privacy because what you're doing inside can also be seen on the outside. But no need to worry since you don't have a neighbor yet. Bathroom is also a problem that's why if you look closely, you won't find any bathroom, but no problem, since you are in the forest, you can always pee wherever. But how about pooping? well you can dig a cat hole and poop there, hahaha that was the funny thing there. Yet this Glass House is still amazing and you can't laugh at that instead you will get wowed.

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