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El Nido, Palawan - World First Artificial Coral Reef

El Nido is a big tourist attraction in Palawan next to underground river that has been recently listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world. El Nido River is one of the best travel destination in a long island of Palawan. Diving and exploring the underwater world is the best activity here. Even though it has a breathtaking beauty, this place still have a secret story that will blow your mind and waken you up from the alarming reality happens in our nature. Behind its beauty, a picture of disaster will shock you. The shocking story is the fact that almost all of the coral reef here are just Artificial Coral Reef placed underwater to revive the habitat of the fishes that has been blown away from here long time ago.

El Nido in Palawan
El Nido in Palawan
The very clear water will allow you to see the coral reef and floor underwater with your naked eye. The place is said to be quiet and pleasant. You will enjoy the view of the surrounding but not the views underwater because it is already dead. No fish, no coral reef and no signs of life can be seen in the world underwater. And this is due to a massive dynamite fishing that kills the fish instantly while leaving the nature on the state of dieing.

Fisherman thinks that they can get more fish if they use dynamite to catch it, but they never think that coral reef will also get affected on their action. At fist they will get more fish but little by little as the actions goes by, fishes loses their home causing them to stop mating. The destruction of the entire coral reef in the place causes the fishes to evacuate and leave their places, sad reality afterwards.

But since we are human, we can think for a solution for this. Good thing that the scientist invented the very First Artificial Coral Reef and the first installation of it was done in El Nido.

World First Artificial Coral Reef in El Nido Palawan
World First Artificial Coral Reef
This was the Picture of the World First Artificial Coral Reef. First installation of it was done in El Nido Palawan, Philippines. It was designed to be look exactly like a real corals for fishes. It was made of white ceramic measuring like a size of a normal Table. This is just one of a hundred artificial corals placed underwater to rehabilitate the homes for fishes.

You think it will be successful immediately? then you are wrong. It has been ignored by fishes. Fishes are also like human, you won't get their trust immediately, it will take time for fishes to trust their new home like this.

"You destroy our home and now you guys are rebuilding it, what kind of fish have you eaten to come up with this decision. You build back our houses so that we will come back? For what? for us to be killed again illegally?" question by a non believer president of fishes named ISDANG BATO.

626 pieces of Artificial coral reef
Some of 626 pieces of Artificial coral reef
Yet people are still hoping that one day their effort will be noticed by fishes. They continue putting the artificial coral reefs until they reach a quantity of 626 plus corals, soon, something good happen after their effort.

Years has passed and a good sign of life has been pictured out. Fishes slowly go back to their house, though it is just artificial, fishes still give us our second chance to prove that we have care for our nature. Guys, this second chance must not be wasted anymore so lets cooperate and share this story to waken the other from a reality that there is a sad thing happens in our nature.

This is the secret story of a wonderful tourist destination in El Nido Palawan, Philippines, If you want to come there, don't be surprise that those corals are not white anymore because years has passed already and those thing are now covered by weeds making the artificial corals to be look exactly like the real one.

Let me know in the comment if you really want to visit it.

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